Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Church Changes

Dear Council and Worship Committee,

I have attached a couple of articles. The first is one from the most recent issue of the First in Focus. We GEMS counselors are moved by Emily's story. We praise God that he used us to plant seeds of faith and that he uses Lee St CRC to nurture those seeds of faith. This story also challenges us as a church. GEMS reaches out to the girls of our community, but what are we as a church doing to reach out to these families who trust us each week with their precious daughters? Would the council consider endorsing a letter to these families inviting them to join us regularly for worship? GEMS Sunday is in March. I would love to see that service be one where the goal of our souls being fed is secondary while showing them what authentic worship is is secondary.

I have also attached a blurb from a local church that was published in the Advance. I liked this church's new take on evening worship. I liked that they allowed time for fellowship (something our church is very good at!) but also changed their venue to be one of informal and contemporary. I am not saying our church do something exactly like this, but challenge you to be open to new ways to refresh worship at First CRC.

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