Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Church Changes

Dear Council and Worship Committee,

I have attached a couple of articles to this letter. The first is an article about GEMS from last month's First in Focus. I wanted to remind you of Emily's story found at the bottom of the article. Praise God that he used us to plant seeds of faith that are being nurtured by Lee St. CRC! I want to challenge you to think about how we can enfold other GEMS families, like Emily's, into our church community. Some of our girls do not have homes built on faith and have been coming to our GEMS for as many as 7 years! What are we as a church doing to reach out to these families who trust us each week with their precious daughters? Would the council consider endorsing a letter inviting them to worship? Inviting them to be a part of our community? What else could we do? This is a challenge to us GEMS leaders as well. Please consider the upcoming GEMS Sunday worship in March as an opportunity to reach out to them. I would love to see that service as one in which the importance of our souls being fed is secondary, but where showering them with the gospel and showing them authentic worship is primary.

I have also attached a blurb from the Advance about a local church's new offering for worship. I appreciate their efforts to perhaps revive their evening worship. I liked the idea of evening fellowship (something our church obviously heartily enjoys!) and then a more informal upbeat atmosphere. I challenge all of us to be open to new ideas for worship.

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